Typical Project Problems

  • Releases take too long

  • Stabilization takes too long

  • Changes are hard to make

  • Quality is falling

  • Death marches are hurting morale

How Can Agile and Scrum Help?

Traditional waterfall project management focuses on the plan and is driven by that and time and costs are fixed.  Scrum is a value driven approach that focuses on features and needs of the customer.  

The Essence of Scrum

A project team is assembled who

  • Is given clear goals and a vision

  • Is self-organizing around the work

  • Delivers the most valuable features on a regular basis

  • Receives feedback from stakeholders

  • Reflects on performance in order to improve

  • Provides provides project visibility to the entire organization

  • Can communicate openly and honestly about progress and risks

Our certified scrum master and product owner will work with your team to provide full training on all scrum topics such as:

  • Story Writing

  • Definition of Ready vs Done

  • Product Backlog

  • Team Structure

  • Planning

  • Standup

  • Grooming

  • Spikes

  • Retrospectives

  • Self Managing Team

  • Release Planning

  • Burndown

  • Points & Estimation

  • Velocity