Your Strategic Partner

Unwired Logic can help you quickly get your IT services up and running in Asia.  We have years of experience setting up companies in China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, we understand the cultural differences when doing business in each location, including the potential challenges, and advantages which you can leverage from day one.  We utilize a meticulous approach in planning all of the details for your future operations, with a focus of solid IT solutions based on the known business requirements.

Market Entry Consulting Services

In order to help you establish your business in Asia, we have a number of turnkey services which our clients frequently request when they need advice on how to setup their IT operations, including how to shorten lead times and select low cost vendors without the research and time that it would normally take in a foreign country. We can provide you with recommendations on how to perform a basic due diligence survey of the local contractors and service providers, allowing more intelligent and timely decisions to be made for your IT projects overseas.

Here are some of the consultancy services we commonly offer:

  • Site Survey / Site Selection
  • Vendor / Supplier Due Diligence
  • Service Provider Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Business Risk Assessment / Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Data Center Facility Referrals & Cost Comparison
  • Local Circuit Provider Referrals, Cost / Performance Comparison
  • Market Research on Average 3rd Party Service Provider Costs and Options
  • Preparation of Budgetary Estimates for Planning & Consideration
  • Management of a Local RFP / Tender Process
  • Site Management / Local Representation During Construction / Fit-Out
  • IT Support for Temporary Office Setups & Startup Operations