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FIP Group is an Australia-based recruitment specialist and workforce solutions provider from PeopleIN group. They help their clients source specialist staff for various industries and assignments. They manage over 6000 international staff from different geographic and industry backgrounds for over 150 companies all over Australia. FIP Group provides housing services, visa applications, payroll, and other forms of support for these international employees. They are a liaison between the employee and the host company, governments, and Agencies. Employee experience management was a MUST.

Communication issues : time to improve Employee Experience management

Under the terms of international programs, several processes need to be followed when mobilising these employees. These processes involve dealing with the Federal, State and Foreign governments while complying with various regulations. To ensure compliance, the company must maintain detailed records of all activities and adhere to service-level agreements that require prompt resolution of issues. But dealing with 10, 20, and sometimes up to 100 staff inquiries at a time with email-based issue management often left staff frustrated and the support team at FIP Group overwhelmed. Not all processes were equally transparent, and sometimes issues were not escalated to the right stakeholder, causing delays. Because of the large number of inquiries, response times were slow, and some inquiries were missed.

Managing a workforce of over 6000 employees throughout Australia presents its own set of challenges. These can range from payroll, time and attendance, and performance management issues. In addition, employees may face personal issues that require assistance, such as legal troubles, medical emergencies, family issues back in their home country, or natural disasters.

There must be something we can do to ensure we provide our customers with the service they deserve; it should not be this hard!

Implementing HR tech for Employee experience management: Zendesk and SweetHawk

The Unwired Logic team began by thoroughly mapping 10 high-level service groups. They broke down each process into its respective sub-processes to make it digestible and mapped the responsible stakeholders at each step. Clear documentation of each process is essential to maintain the system in the future. Subsequently, the Unwired Logic team built the new system. After extensive testing and user training, they rolled it out – for each of the 25-30 subprocesses.

In practice, Unwired Logic implemented Zendesk and the SweetHawk add-on suite to help the HR team at FIP Group manage inquiries by email more efficiently. Because workflows, approvals, and stakeholders were clearly mapped, automating many steps and finding the correct responsible faster was possible.

Results that exceeded expectations using New HR tech : SweetHawk and Zendesk

With the new HR tech system for EX, FIP Group was able to provide faster, consistent, and high-quality answers and solutions to all incoming inquiries. e. The number of new tickets dropped by 20% over the previous year because of automated workflows and better visibility of stakeholders. Now 34% of tickets receive a reply within one hour, representing a 200% improvement. The average resolution time is down to 16 hours – a 350% improvement.

But most importantly – FIP Group significantly reduced stress and improved the satisfaction of their HR staff and their dispatched staff.

How did we do this before Zendesk?
For the first time, we know exactly What is where with Whom and for How long.
We get to address a challenge, before it turns into a problem, due to the transparency we have over our service areas now, thanks to Zendesk
and SweetHawk

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