Unwired Logic: Please tell us about your company Safie.  

Our company was established in 2014 by three former Sony Corporation employees. Under the leadership of our President and CEO, Mr. Sadoshima, they decided to become independent and found Safie. Our main product is security cameras. We also provide SaaS- services on a cloud platform.

As of the end of December 2022, we have sold 186,000 cameras. According to a market survey, conducted end of last year, we have 56.4% of the domestic cloud monitoring and recording service market share. We are the No. 1 cloud recording service. The company’s performance has grown steadily since around 2018. We have formed business and capital tie-ups with several prominent telecommunications, camera, and security companies. These business alliances contributed to our growth.

The need for DX using cloud video platforms is growing rapidly for several reasons: Japan’s workforce is declining. At the same time, there is a need to improve labor productivity in society and the field due to the labor reforms implemented in 2019. In addition, increasing data demand and advancing technology drive demand for cloud video platforms. Against this backdrop, companies and organizations can leverage cloud video platforms to drive digital transformation (DX) and achieve more efficient and flexible business processes.

Unwired Logic: What is the difference between Safie and traditional security camera systems?

We offer a variety of cameras for indoor and outdoor use. The video data captured is stored on the Safie Cloud Platform and can be viewed in real-time, anywhere, using a smartphone or PC. The most significant difference from similar products is that there is no need to install dedicated recording devices or monitors – eliminating the need for an initial investment in equipment.

Unwired Logic: What is the benefit of your product for the self-storage industry?

Typically security camera systems are local – a dedicated camera network and monitors to check recordings at each location. However, suppose you want to consolidate and manage multiple stores centrally, managing and checking footage from multiple locations from the head office or outside the office. In that case, our solution offers a great advantage.

In addition, information sharing and decision-making can also speed up. If managers can check images of multiple stores in real-time from any location, they can quickly grasp the situation on the ground and solve problems. This enhances both security and efficiency. Overall, centralized management and video confirmation from multiple locations will significantly benefit the self-storage industry.

Unwired Logic: How can I remotely access data and live video?

Once you log in to ‘My Page’, you can easily view the video footage of all the locations where you installed cameras. It also includes data from motion sensors and sound, so reviewing past footage for security is easy.

Unwired Logic: What percentage of Japanese companies have adopted cloud cameras? 

According to our research, in 2022, the number of registered cameras for cloud monitoring and recording services in the Japanese market totaled 319,870 units – A 31% increase over the previous year and a 376% increase from 85,025 registrations in 2017. In other words, the market is growing steadily.

Our forecasts estimate the total number of operating not-cloud-based surveillance and monitoring cameras in Japan to be approximately 6.6 million units. In contrast, the market share of cloud monitoring and recording services is small. But we see that as ‘room to grow’. We expect demand to continue rising as times and needs change.

Unwired Logic: How did the Pandemic impact your business?

Our market share has been on a more steady rise since 2020, mainly because working remotely has become more common. During Covid, our products have been in demand as more and more work got done using video data instead of people on location.

For example, our products have enabled efficient construction management checks in the construction industry, even when physical constraints make checking the site in person challenging. In the retail sector, a supermarket area manager, who normally would have visited multiple stores to carry out his activities, could monitor customer traffic and conditions based on video images and discuss sales strategies and discount sales with other store managers in real-time. Our products enabled smooth operations despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid disaster.

Unwired Logic: Finally, what are your future goals? 

I mentioned that our cameras found application at sites in various industries, such as construction and hospitality. Based on this, we aim for our product to become widely recognized as “On-site DX”. We want to be used by people in various industries as their eyes on the job site. In addition, through API integration, our product can be linked to business tools to support sales promotion and visualization of improvements. Furthermore, the camera and AI integration can contribute to detailed data analysis and problem-solving. Our goal is to leverage the power of technology to help people. In the future, we are also looking to work with drones. For example, we want to introduce a small drone. We believe it will be very convenient, especially in hazardous or hard-to-reach sites. Using drones will enable effective monitoring and data collection in places people cannot enter. Our goal is to constantly evolve and make the most of the power of technology to realize a more convenient and efficient on-site environment.

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