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Zendesk Talk is specialized call center software that allows you to make and receive calls in your browser. 

It allows you to check the history of inquiries from other channels while making calls, thus ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. It can also be designed to take advantage of existing PBXs to be smoothly migrated from existing systems. Zendesk’s call center system solution can be quickly integrated with any channel via CTI, allowing your support staff to get a fast comprehensive view of critical customer information. Try it today!

Always ready to answer the phone​

Automatic Voice Response (IVR) allows for individual and group routing. Even during busy times or after hours, the routing feature ensures that incoming calls are always assigned to the right agent at the right time. With the “Call Back Request” feature, customers can choose whether or not they want to receive a call back should the maximum number of calls or the maximum waiting time be exceeded.

Convenient call recording function​

Zendesk Talk has an automatic recording function that records the history of your calls, so you can check the contents of any inquiry even if it was made a year ago. ​You can easily understand why the customer made the inquiry and how you responded to the inquiry, so you can avoid burdening the customer with repeat explanations and improve their satisfaction. 

Zendesk Talk enables seamless customer support​

By centralizing your customer communications, you can track and manage when and how your customers contact you. ​Whether the same customer contacted you via phone last month, used a web form last week, or LINE message today, Zendesk Talk allows you to easily view the history and content of the inquiry without wasting time switching systems.

Use the same phone number you’ve always used​

To setup Talk, you’ll need to first purchase a phone number from Zendesk.  You can purchase a phone number directly from the Talk administration page or we can help you with the process. If you plan to use an existing phone number, you can also forward calls to that number through the Zendesk Talk phone number. Forwarding calls to your existing phone is a straightforward process and Unwired Logic can assist with the setup.

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