Plan, track, and manage any type of work with any team size

Coordinating the day-to-day of a project can be tricky, even more so when the team is working remotely or from different offices. With ClickUp, you can plan, track and collaborate on any project and keep all necessary tools in one place. Build the perfect workflow and stay on track to meet your project goals – every time.

Spend less time coordinating and more time being productive

Project coordination can be a tedious task. Files got lost in long email chains, forgotten meetings because of confusing scheduling, or missed deadlines. All of these are compounded when dealing with remote teams.

With ClickUp you can eliminate these problems and focus on bringing your projects to a successful completion. Design workflows and stay on top of the deliverables with a transparent structure.

The benefits

Why choose us?


Tried and Trusted

We’ve been working with various solutions on hundreds of DX implementations for decades.  We can help you find the right mix of tools.  


Don’t worry about licensing

Unwired Logic is a certified Reseller and Implementation Partner in the Asia Pacific Region, so we can help you purchase a ClickUp license.


User training

Hands-on training for your support and admin teams to make the most of their new tools.


Post go-live support

ClickUp is a tool that is constantly evolving with new features. As your business grows, we can provide suggestions or additional options to make it even more useful.


We speak your langugae

Our multilingual team members will ensure you don’t get lost in translation.

tick Automate workflow
tick Set goals
tick Real-time reporting

Is this the right fit?

Here are just some of the features

Import tools

You can integrate all your favorite PM tools in ClickUp


Customize hundreds of features in ClickUp for any work need; no code needed

Ready to start

Start work immediately and select from many ready-made templates or create your own.

Real-time reporting

Set goals, track their progress, and manage resources more effectively with detailed reporting features

Intuative self-service tools

Most customers prefer to solve their problems themselves, give them the tools to do so and reap the positive experience rewards

Customer success

A data-driven approach to proactively help customers. Transform firefighting into delight and catch ‘At Risk’ customers before a problem happens.


Are you interested in how ClickUp can upgrade your business?

With ClickUp we can easily modify and scale it up as the business grows — keeping everything running smoothly and costs minimal.

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We can easily modify and scale it up as your business evolves — keeping everything running smoothly and costs minimal.

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Make your automations and ticket resolution even more efficient.

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