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Let’s get conversational: 9 ways to transform your CX with messaging

Over the last decade, messaging has fundamentally changed the way we interact with friends and family in our personal lives. Unlike live chat, messaging is designed for rich, continuous, and convenient digital relationships.
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A Retailer’s Guide to Getting Omnichannel Customer Service Right

Knowing this type of support is required by customers and delivering on it are two entirely di􀇖erent things. Most brands haven’t integrated their communication across support channels, which leads to a disjointed experience for the customer. As a result, customers become rustrated with the level of service they’re receiving from retailers.
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CX White paper – Is your business CX ready?

The way business is done is changing. Having the cheapest product or nicest packaging is no longer enough to beat the competition. Customers view the entire journey as a comprehensive experience and expect it to be great. While it is challenging for companies to re-focus their efforts on CX, those who do can reap attractive returns.
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Do better Scrum

Invented in the early 2000s, Agile quickly gained popularity and became one of the most prolific project management styles. Agile is a great way to bring order into the chaos of a project, and to bring something from idea to working project. This document will introduce the underlying concepts of Agile methodologies, particularly SCRUM, and provide practical advice for project managers to make their projects agile, not only in name.
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Better Energy Management in Self-Storage

The demand for energy globally is rising. Lighting and climate control together are responsible for 45% of the consumption. At the same time, building and operating self-storage are associated with a significant carbon footprint. It is possible to reduce both the costs and the Co2 emissions through investments in better technology.
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