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Bogged down by high season? Use our guide to stay on top of things



Spring is here, and with it comes one of the busiest seasons for self-storage: Students moving out for university, job seekers moving to a new city, or even just the traditional spring cleaning. There are many reasons for customers to seek out the nearest self-storage. Is your business ready for this surge in demand? This guide will teach you how to stay on top of things and keep your customer happy (and loyal)

| High-season challenges for self-storage

The winter season is good for unit maintenance, like minor repairs, refurbishments, and upgrades. Now is the time to put the finishing touches and ensure that everything is ready for the March surge. The biggest challenge any self-storage faces is the lack of inventory spaces. This problem has two aspects: an overall lack of space across the entire facility and a lack of units of a specific type. There is only so much one can do about the first problem, so we will focus on the second one. 

By reviewing data of the past years, you can identify which is the most soughtafter unity type (5×5, 5×10, 10×10). Consider temporarily changing the layout of your storage to meet that demand. For example, if you notice a trend that there is a uptick in  demand for large units in spring, but not much for smaller units, then converting a few of the smaller units into larger ones for short-term rent can help you cover this supply gap. 

Another method is to adjust pricing to get more renters for less desirable unit types. You could price larger units slightly cheaper and upgrade new customers. Marketing psychology suggests that most users, when given a choice, will opt for the middle ground. By offering three cleverly designed pricing plans, you can nudge users towards a desirable decision for your business.   

The third common problem is that many spring move-ins are shortterm customers. While they initially increase revenue, they move out soon after, leaving you with empty units. Again adjustments to your pricing strategy can be a remedy. Increase the asking rate for popular unit types for short-term leases. You can also employ the multi-option pricing strategy from above to increase the proportion of annual leases by offering a discount to customers who sign up immediately.  

| Dealing with the flood of messages

The number of messages and calls during the high season can increase up to four times. Keeping up with conversations is a real struggle. Our suggestion: deflect and automate. 

| Deflecting

Many customers will have similar and repetitive questions. At the same time, customer behaviour research suggests that customers prefer self-service answers. The resolution time is faster and the process more efficient. Make sure you have an up-to-date FAQ on your website that covers all common questions. The better organized your FAQ is, the less repetitive questions will come up in emails, calls, and messages. Group topics into sections and have a search function. If you use a chatbot, make sure that the knowledge base is also up-to-date and the answers comprehensive. 

| Automation

Macros, automations, and triggers are terms you probably heard in conjecture with your CRM software, like Zendesk. You should aim to reply to every customer inquiry within 24 hours. Macros and triggers make such consistent communication possible. Specifically, macros are action-based automations that automatically update a ticket if the requirements are met. For example: redirecting a customer to the FAQ page with your initial auto-respond email. Triggers are time-based automations, most typically reminders – for example, sending a customer a prompt if they have not replied to a ticket in a week.   

Shorter resolution times and smoother processes will satisfy your customers with a positive experience. Happy customers are more likely to return to your business and recommend your company to friends and family. Not to mention that it makes processes smoother for your staff and increases employee satisfaction.  

| We can get your CRM automated

Curious about automating your CRM but not sure where to start? Our experienced, bi-lingual consultants can help you. We have decades of experience in self-storage and customer support solutions in Japan and the Asia-Pacific. Book a demo now, and find out how you can make your life and business run smoother with automations.