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Omnichannel Customer Service: Delivering Customer Experience While Working From Home – Part II

This article is the second of three discussing Customer Experience (CX), Work From Home (WFH), and Call Centers in Japan. Today, we discuss what an omnichannel customer support system, like Zendesk, is all about. 

If you missed Part I, you can find it here.

Omnichannel customer service

What is omnichannel customer service?

Omnichannel customer service is meeting customers on the channel or channels that they prefer at every level of interaction with your organization. It is your company offering customers numerous ways to interact with you. And it is having each agent, on each interaction method, having the same information.

Benefits of omnichannel customer service system

Respond to customers quickly

Today’s customers are impatient. Long wait times mean boredom and frustration, which inevitably lead to a bad customer experience. Therefore, it’s essential for agents to speed up their customer support process. 

An omnichannel customer support system can help agents solve this problem. 

Let’s go back to Zendesk’s CX Trends 2020 survey results. Respondents (agents) that used an omnichannel customer support approach claimed to resolve tickets three times faster than those that do not. This ended up with customers spending 75% less time waiting for agents. 

Those same agents also claimed that they were able to handle up to 5.7 times more tickets – that means a big boost to the agents’ productivity!

omnichannel support system resolves tickets three times faster

Ensure a seamless customer experience

Customers want a smooth conversation with your company. Implementing an omnichannel support system can help you achieve that.

That’s because omnichannel support systems offer various channels like email, SNS adapters, phone, chat, etc. Not all of these have to be active all day but having them allows customers to choose ones that match their own comfort zone. This functionality could also lead to customer self-service options.

The above Zendesk’s CX trend report proved that the more channels for a customer to pick, the better the customer satisfaction. 

Tools like Zendesk offer the omnichannel support system you need.

Avoid inefficient, redundant communication

Customer respondents of the survey also reported that they do not like talking to multiple agents. Why? Because they mostly have to repeat themselves or have to go to another agent as the one they talked to previously could not help them.

customer frustration

Integrating an omnichannel support system with your CRM and other business systems allows you to put all of your customer interactions into one place, thus reducing repeating conversations. Save your customer from some frustration, why not?

Provide self-service options to customers

With an omnichannel support system, customers can communicate with you through the channels of their choice. This flexibility leads to self-service options for your customers. 

Self-service options use a customer-facing knowledge base to help your customer instantly with their queries. This can improve customer satisfaction significantly because customers can quickly solve their problems without going through an agent. In fact, 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a representative.

For agents, self-service options also help reduce their workload, allowing them to spend quality time with those customers who can not quickly resolve their issues.

Zendesk customer support: The trustworthy omnichannel support system you need

We already know the advantages of implementing an omnichannel support system. Now the real question is: What is the best omnichannel customer support software out there for your agent?

The answer is: Zendesk!
Let us explain why.

Advanced features for your agent’s self-service

Aside from the wholesome benefits of omnichannel support systems listed above, Zendesk takes the game a step further: they provide an advanced feature using AI and chatbots to provide interactive self-service responses.

Zendesk AI chatbot

While most omnichannel customer service systems offer categorized lists of knowledge base articles, the Zendesk AI chatbot uses a response tree approach. This approach tailors support articles based on context. Learn more about Zendesk’s AI-powered Answer Bot.

An all-in-one omnichannel customer support solution

The AI Chatbot is just one of many features of the Zendesk Suite. The Zendesk Suite, as the name suggests, is the collection of Zendesk products and capabilities that provide you with the tools you need to create a complete omnichannel support solution. 

The Zendesk Suite integrates Zendesk Support, Guide, Chat, and Talk into a single omnichannel system, enabling your customer conversations to flow seamlessly across different channels. Learn more about the Zendesk Suite.

How to implement an omnichannel support system?

The process of implementing an omnichannel customer support system can be complicated. Building this type of system requires deeper integration between systems in your company. It also requires your teams to work together and share the CX responsibility.

As complicated as it can be, agents should seek help from professional IT Technology consultants. 

How Unwired Logic can help

Unwired Logic is a Zendesk Certified Solution Provider and a Zendesk Master Implementation Partner, delivering many successful Zendesk integrations for businesses.

Count on Unwired Logic for great customer experiences that drive lasting relationships and impressive business results – now and in the future. Look to us for the capabilities and expertise that define the next generation of customer experience for your team.

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Final Words

An omnichannel support system aims to overcome the limitations of the siloed approach of many older support systems. Brand loyalty for many is just one or two bad experiences away from going to a competing brand. Creating a meaningful CX interaction through an omnichannel support system, like Zendesk, builds brand loyalty.

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