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Four Essential Customer Satisfaction Concepts for your Success in Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness, a very lucrative industry since the early 2000s, was worth an impressive US$4300 billion worldwide in 2017. The pandemic caused unprecedented growth, as employees discovered the advantages of home office and more time on their hands. At the same time, anxiety and stress fueled a doubling in mental health content, such as meditation. Wearables too saw an increase with an estimated market value of US$81 billion by the end of 2021 and growing to US$ 93 billion USD by 2022. Given the growth prospects, this is a very attractive industry with some major competition as well. To succeed, having a great product or service is not enough. The aim is customer satisfaction. To help you, we summed up some of the most useful tools to keep your customers happy, loyal, and returning.

Stay ahead of the race

More than anything, customers expect that companies stay flexible and adapt to change immediately. The only constant is that everything changes. Excellent customer experience gives you an edge. Three out of four consumers report that they are loyal to brands with outstanding customer service. They are even willing to pay a premium price for the great treatment they receive. Getting new members is expensive, so keep your existing customers happy and returning. At an even earlier stage, when deciding to buy or not, the quality of service also plays a huge role. Competition is everywhere, and the internet makes it very easy for customers to find alternatives to your product or service. But your customer experience is unique and differentiates you from all the other players out there.

Four tools of the new business model

Because of the pandemic, many organizations had to change their business model to fit the new reality rapidly. While there is talk about the post-pandemic life, we all know that it will not return to how it was before. However, necessity is the mother of invention, so here are four tools that businesses discovered to make their life easier. Four tools that are here to stay in Health and Fitness.

1. Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel communication means that you can offer seamless communication across different channels. That could be email, phone, chat, or even social media. Having a semi-hidden contact form no longer cuts it. The modern customer wants on-the-go support on their preferred medium. Luckily modern Customer Relationship Management platforms such as Zendesk offer tools for businesses to integrate omnichannel communications into their existing support process.

2. Personalization at a Scale

Personalization is not a new trend in customer experience, but it is becoming increasingly important. Again, you can use modern solutions to deliver this to your customers. With solutions such as Zendesk, you give your agents access to the full context about all customer interaction in the past, the chat log, past email chains, or any other information that will help them engage with the client personally. Use data cleverly to supplement your agents’ emotional intelligence and empathy for an unforgettable experience for your customer.

3. Streamlined Customer Service

Efficient customer service leaves customers happy. How well your support process can deflect inquiries will determine performance and customer satisfaction. Your goal is to avoid long waiting times and reach a resolution as quickly as possible. Having a good knowledge base and helpful FAQ is one of the ways to achieve that. Many clients are not only willing but actually prefer to find the answer themselves instead of talking to support. Use this to your advantage.

4. New Chatbot Technology

Another great way to deflect frequent inquiries is the Chatbot. It helps to free up your agents from repetitive questions and lets them focus on complex queries. Having a chatbot feature is becoming an industry standard. Zendesk comes with a plethora of tools to make your chatbot effective. Remember, a robot does not sleep nor need days off. Deliver 24/7 support, hands-free.

Are you ready to up your game and improve your customer satisfaction levels? We can help you implement Zendesk and make your customer support soar. Contact us and schedule a free consultation with one of our bilingual team members or find out more  about our work.