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Introducing new features: The Zendesk x Storeganise integration

Unwired Logic is pleased to announce the release of a new feature: the Zendesk x Storeganise integration.

Integrating Zendesk, a customer management tool, and Storeganise, a dedicated tool for self-storage management, allows seamless access to customer information between the systems. With a few clicks, you will improve your business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

| Enabling Unit Search on the Zendesk platform

“I want to sign up for a storage unit at XX Storage. Is it available?” This is one of the most common inquiries for self-storage by potential customers. The new integration allows you to receive the inquiry in Zendesk and check availability on the same platform. You no longer have to switch systems.


The process is simple and straightforward:  search by a store name, unit type, or status (such as “Available” or “Occupied”) to check the availability.

This feature improves agent efficiency and reduces waiting times for your customers – allowing for smoother interactions. 

Another feature of our existing Storeganise app for Zendesk is matching a user’s billing/ payment status and unit information within the ticket interface. When your receive an inquiry, the system will match the information received in Zendesk with the information registered in Storeganise. If they match, billing and unit information will automatically display for the convenience of the agent. No longer will they need to go back and forth between the two systems.


| Improving work efficiency for your support agents’

Unwired Logic offers a simple self-storage management solution using IT technology. We provide a free Zendesk x Storeganise system integration for our customers who implemented Zendesk and Storeganise with us.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us using the link below.