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No call missed, no message unanswered – the advantages of omnichannel support

The pandemic accelerated a trend brewing for a while – omnichannel customer support: Gone are the days when a business had one phone number and maybe a contact form. Customers now expect an email, a chat, an SNS messaging service, if not even real-time face-to-face support over the internet. In essence – whatever channel is convenient for them to use at that moment.

Offering more channels is easy. Add a few lines of code to your website, and it’s done. But to manage these channels well is a different story. Can you link the customer’s data provided by email, which the same customer sends 4 months later through LINE? This is the key difference between multi-channel support and omnichannel support.

Multi-channel means that you offer more than two channels. Omnichannel means that your customers have a seamless communication and support experience across all the channels that you offer. The same high-quality customer support during every interaction and at every touchpoint. Good omnichannel support will ensure that your customer has a great experience every time they talk to your business.

But why do you need that, you ask?
The second-largest consumer group today are millennials. Aged 20-35, they are a 600 million strong consumer group and an attractive target for self-storage across the continent. Millennials typically live in smaller apartments in urban settings with little storage space. At the same time, they have disposable income to spend and treat self-storage as a closet away from home.

Millennials grew up with the internet, and they are early adopters of technological novelties. A typical millennial will use at least 2 devices to access, browse and purchase online. They switch between devices frequently. Most importantly, they expect to do everything on either device, whether it’s researching self-storage, booking, paying, or talking to the company to fix a problem.

Adopting an omnichannel strategy is not only beneficial to your customers. As a small business, omnichannel support can sound overwhelming and expensive, but there are tangible benefits for your self-storage as well. Customers are more willing to purchase after a positive and personalized interaction with a business – 49% of customers, to be precise. This number is even higher for the millennial generation.

You can easily make a successful omnichannel strategy part of your existing customer support process with Zendesk. Whether it is email, chat, or messaging – the system records and stores every conversation. When the customer calls or writes the next time, the agent can easily pick up the conversation. They will have all the relevant data and much-needed context. This will help agents to get to the core of the issue faster and with more efficiency. In turn, this will reduce resolution times significantly, making your customer happier. To top it off, your customer will have a hassle-free and seamless experience..

Because everything is integrated in one place, you have more control over your channels and can track and manage each of them. KPIs will give you details about the performance of each channel and where you need to focus on to improve the experience.

With an omnichannel strategy, you can easily reach a broader audience and help more customers simultaneously. Zendesk support includes tools to build a powerful knowledge base with FAQ and AI-powered chat support. This will help deflect all repetitive or straightforward inquiries. In fact, research shows that most customers prefer to find answers to their problems themselves. It is faster and more convenient. You can have an outstanding customer experience without even having to communicate with the customer directly. Inquiries that your FAQ or ChatBot cannot deflect will go to a live agent. Because agents now only need to focus on complex questions, they work more efficiently and can serve more customers in a shorter time. You can scale up your customer support while making it more personalized and enjoyable for the customers. This is a true win-win scenario.