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Zendesk CX Survey 2020 Results Part 1

We recently reviewed the Zendesk Customer Experience (CX) Trends report 2020 to see what Zendesk customers are experiencing worldwide. This data included the product owners, customers, sales leaders, customer service agents, and management. This is the first of a two-part summary of the report’s findings.

So what did they find? That those who are most loyal are the younger generations. At the same time, those over 55, Germans and Japanese being the most neutral regarding brand loyalty.
Why does this matter? Slightly over 50% of customers report going out of their way to buy from or use their favorite brands.

In Japan, overall, customers believe pricing and the convenience of purchase and use are most important. Interestingly younger customers consider customer service impacts loyalty the most.
In this article, we will concentrate on the findings of customer support. More than half of respondents consider it a good customer experience (CX) if their issue is resolved quickly. A warning to the wise, almost half of the respondents admitted they would switch to a competitor after just one bad experience. This increases to over 80% if they have had two or more bad experiences.

If that is not bad enough, almost half said they believe support should be available 24×7. Luckily, less than a third said it had to be a channel of their liking. So mostly, they want a way to report an issue when they want to report it.

I experienced this with a major online retailer. I wanted to report an issue, but there was no after-hours support. There were only two channels (voice and chat) to submit my problem and only during business hours. This wasn’t very pleasant because I had to take time away from my business to report this issue. I ended up contacting their US support center and having them put in a ticket for me. Had the local support center had a means for me to report my issue, everything would have been fine. Instead, I had to take up the US team’s time for a problem that they could not resolve. Good CX?

What about once you have a reporting channel? More than half of respondents said it was a bad CX if they had long hold/wait times. The frustration levels were equally bad if the automated response systems (IVR) made it difficult to reach a human agent. With over 40% of respondents, another CX faux pas is making customers state their issues repeatedly every time they switch agents.

Customers want a smooth conversation with all agents along the way. They want a personalized experience with no repeating of problems, address, or personal details. Companies that find ways to integrate their systems to ease these concerns will provide quicker problem resolution, making for an excellent customer experience.

If you would like to continue reading, Part II can be found here.

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