An online shopping experience that keeps your business on the top

 Are you ready for a great shopping weekend? We are, and we want to help you sell more during this hectic time of the year. 

Last Year Cyber Weekend Online Sales Eclipsed US$1Billion. 2022 will be even bigger!

Every last Friday of November, brick and mortar stores heavily discount their products to attract and capture early Christmas shoppers – A tradition known as ‘Black Friday’. Ecommerce has a similar tradition – Cyber Monday. This 4-day shopping spree weekend was dubbed ‘Cyber Weekend’ by shoppers.  

Some retailers make as much as 50% of their annual sales during this one weekend of the year. 

Cyber Weekend 2022 is approaching fast. Are you ready for it? A Tsunami of customers is coming, and they will be talking to your sales and support people. You want to make sure that their experience is excellent! You want them to be happy. 
Happy customers are returning customers. They make the difference between good and great sales numbers. 

Go global! Integrate with Shopify, Amazon and more 

With Zendesk, your Shopify storefront has full support. Shopify integration for Zendesk Support and Chat includes an app so agents can view Shopify order information. This will reduce context switching, and they can serve customers faster. Your team can also process Shopify order refunds and cancellations in the Support app without leaving the ticket. 

Are you tired of fulfilling Amazon orders by hand? Are more orders on the horizon? Let us help by tying Amazon orders to Zendesk via its open API.  With Zendesk, order information can flow from Amazon to your Zendesk instance without manual intervention. Save yourself and your team valuable time while growing your business 24/7 – contact us now!   

According to experts, in 2022, e-commerce revenue will reach over $2.7 trillion with a CARG of 11%. With Zendesk, you can scale up your customer experience without sacrificing the personal touch. We will help you improve your Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) and decrease your Customer Effort Score (CES). In other words, we will help you improve your bottom line. 

Support more customers with less overhead

Complete shopper profiles let you better understand every customer. With Zendesk, you can bring together data from all parts of your business: inventory, billing, shopping history, and preferences. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to deliver precisely what they want – and make sure that they keep coming back for more. 

Last year, we learned that customers’ needs can change in the blink of an eye. Your support team needs to adapt as quickly. In fact, we witnessed firsthand how the rapid shift move to online business reshaped what customers expect from service interactions. 75% of customers will spend more on an identical product if your company offers better CX. 

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Our partner Zendesk is the market leader in User Experience (UX) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services.

Zendesk for Online Shopping Platforms

Turn your online shopping platform into a source of outstanding customer experience. Even in the most complex and global company-client relationships, you can provide exceptional service and support. 

Zendesk Service – A customer experience game-changer

  • Offer customers multiple contact channels for their convenience including email, phone, Line, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and many more.
  • Provide personalized service without compromising on scalability
  • Empower customers to self-help with powerful help centers, FAQs, and community forums. Free up agents for complex queries 
  • Use chatbots to deflect and provide round-the-clock support
  • Enable agents to solve complex problems with intuitive, modern tools
  • All the numbers at a glance with pre-built dashboards in Zendesk reporting
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​​Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best software experience for your business needs – today and in the future. We invest heavily in recruiting the right project managers, programmers, sales representatives, and customer support agents to provide you with the best experience. 

Unwired Logic has years of experience tackling data migrations, energy management, performance monitoring, financial reporting, custom applications, integrations, and customizations. We want to use that expertise to make your life easier and your business more successful. 

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