How much time is wasted trying to figure out if something can fit in a space – make those problems disappear forever

Space Management at your Fingertips – Easy to Use, Inexpensive and Accurate

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment, building a home, loading trucks with freight or running a logistics operation Calcumate is for you! No more guessing about what will fit where just use this application and the answer is easy.

Accurate Calculation is Minutes not Hours

Utilizing new, industry leading technology, the intuitive 3D animated storage calculator now provides the answer visually in real time. Calcumate greatly improves the customers’ digital experience. How does Calcumate achieve this? By allowing customers to pick the items being loaded into a specific location or room of their choice. Calcumate gives everyone a fast and accurate visual guide as to the space they require!

Simple. Awesome. Storage.

The tool uses a complex mathematical algorithm to test combinations of loading a location (including random elements like putting boxes between table legs!) to figure out an efficient way of using the space. It then visually shows this to a user so they can see the loading of the unit and importantly, trust the answer. Add in some key branding elements (colors, fonts, logos etc.,) as well as some optional fun items (skeletons in closet, kids, etc.,) and this too enhances the overall experience.

Build your own Calcumate Integrations

All can be done in less than 5 minutes. Click on the portal and run through the easy 6 step process. The steps include:

  1. Setup – let us know the URL where the tool will be placed, whether you want self-storage or portable storage units, your call to action etc.,
  2. Storage units – input the size of your storage units so the tool knows the range of outputs it can choose from
  3. Categories – arrange your items into easy to use categories of items relevant to your market
  4. Presets – create a few clickable options that the customer can quickly choose from (e.g. 1 bedroom house to a 5 bedroom house) rather than going through each individual item
  5. Design – confirm the way you want to display the calculator including colors, fonts, etc.,
  6. Publish your integration – you get the code and place it directly onto any page on your website.

Calcumate makes everyone happy.  Contact Unwired Logic to learn more.  We’re always here to help.