Unwired Logic’s Customer Experience Solution

Our beautifully simple CX platform perfectly supports the self-storage industry’s needs supporting your unique challenges and helping you separate yourself from the competition.

Customer Experience for Self-Storage

There is a lot of competition in self-storage, and the market is getting fiercer. To keep existing customers and win over, you have to invest time and money into your customer experience. Isn’t customer service good enough, you might ask? The short answer is – no. The long answer is – no because it leaves out the potential to provide an individual and personalized experience that will leave your customers satisfied and turn them into brand ambassadors. Customer experience is more than just good customer service. By using Zendesk, you can bring your customer experience to the next level.

Supportive Customer Support

Payment issues, access problems, and lost keys are some of the most common issues that existing customers face and need help with. With Zendesk, you can easily create flows to bring these problems to a quick resolution and your customer to a solution. 

Building Maintenance Requests

With Zendesk, you can easily create and manage building maintenance requests for all your facilities. Never again will a faulty lock or a damaged shingle fall through the cracks on your to-do list. 

Tracking and Escalation

Use Zendesk to track and issue and escalate it to the right team in a timely matter. Dropped or delayed issues are one of the top reasons for customer dissatisfaction with the support system. 

Multichannel Communication

Offer your customers several communication channels so that they can pick their preferred one. With Zendesk, you can easily integrate popular means of communication, such as chat, phone, email, social networks, and messenger apps. Give your customers the freedom to come to you their preferred way, and your customer satisfaction will automatically improve.

Automate and deflect

Use your knowledge base to create a robust FAQ; paired with Zendesk’s Answer Bot, you can deflect common and straightforward issues and encourage customers to self-service. Your agents can focus on the more complex problems and questions.  

Support Sales

Use Zendesk to manage inbound leads to boost your business and move quality leads along the sales funnel. Understand where your leads are in the sales funnel and how to engage with them to encourage sales. The solution integrates with your favorite CRM. Easy and simple to use. 

How Unwired Logic can help

We are an official Zendesk Partner. Our Japanese-English speaking consultant can help you select the right tools and use them to maximize your business. Schedule a call with us now to find out more.

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