Technology Consulting

Hiring a full time IT specialist can be costly. When your business changes, their skill and know-how might no longer be applicable. Opting for technology consulting means that you will always retain the flexibility to receive the service that you need in that unique situation.

Revolutionizing business through love, respect, and technology

As your business and industry face new realities, your digital strategy will change. A technology consulting company will be able to select, suggest, and implement the tools required for you to not only weather the change but thrive in it. Here is what Unwired Logic can do for you and your success.

We tailor what works for you

Our technology consultants will guide you through the rainforest of possible solutions and offer to find the one that is perfectly suitable for your needs.

New technological developments appear seemingly overnight

Technology has become so intertwined with our modern life that it is impossible to imagine the world without it. Along with its evolution, its complexity also has grown.

Businesses now face the challenge of using a powerful but often overwhelming tool to provide an intuitive and straightforward experience for their customers. In a time where new technological developments appear seemingly overnight, this can seem like an impossible task. This is where technology consulting comes in.

Our mission is to help you utilize the tools at your disposal with maximum impact

Here at Unwired Logic, we want to revolutionize the business through our love and respect for technology. As an experienced technology consulting company, our mission is to help you utilize the tools at your disposal with maximum impact, all the while maintaining a complexity-free experience for you and your customers.

Based on your goals, we will devise a suitable strategy for implementing your new technology solution. We will set up the infrastructure, train your people, and give you all the required know-how. Meanwhile, you can focus on running and growing your business.

At Unwired Logic, the goal is to provide you with a tailored technology solution that you need to succeed with your business.

Impactful Technology

Impactful Technology

We provide innovative technology solutions so that you can focus on your business without worrying about setting up the IT infrastructure or managing software. Let us leverage the latest technology to implement industry best practices that will help you grow. At Unwired Logic, we have extensive working experience across industries and sectors — most notably in real-estate, self-storage, retail, call-centers, and logistics.

IT Business solutions

IT Business Solutions

At Unwired Logic we provide a range of complete IT service solutions enabling businesses to achieve their goals with ease and efficiency. We want technology to work for our clients. After assessing the needs of the client, we implement a steadfast and workable solution. The goal is always to save time and create cross-functional benefits.


CTO/CIO for Rent

The landscape of IT solutions can be challenging to navigate. Large corporations have the luxury of dedicated teams and even C-level executives to manage this business side. For smaller businesses, startups, or companies looking for an agile solution, this might not be the right answer. Instead, it is worth considering hiring an interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO) through our CTO/CIO for Rent offer.

Business analysis

Business Analysis

Let us be your agent of change.  Managing change in any organization is difficult.  Key issues need to be first identified, the solution that will deliver the most value has to be defined, then key stakeholders can agree on the overall value to be gained. Our experienced team can help guide the entire process

Quality control

Quality Control

We test systems to confirm that quality exists. Quality control focuses on testing and when coupled with our quality assurance program, process errors will be reduced ensuring that your business runs smoother.

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Digital Transformation

Numerous frameworks exist to guide you towards digital transformation. But in a nutshell, to succeed — first, ask yourself — “What is the potential of my offering and processes, and how can I maximize it to have a better and more personal customer experience?”