Zendesk Guide – Building a Help Center that Helps

Supercharge your support experience and let customers get answers themselves 24/7 – they will love it! Zendesk Guide is the foundation of your help center enabling self-service and deflection of common queries.


Need some help?

Zendesk Guide allows you to leverage the power of know-how in your organization to the fullest. Agents can turn any common questions from client conversation into a self-service article with a few clicks. You can publish them to your knowledge base, website, community or the FAQ section. Couple Zendesk Guide with our Answer Bot and the AI will answer customer queries automatically, any time of the day. 

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What’s included?

Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base created to offer better self-service and to empower agents. It is a powerful help center tool that offers the following and more:

• A branded support site – which looks and feels like your own
• A knowledge base for self-service content
• A community for customer collaboration
• A customer portal to submit and manage tickets


Why choose us?

Implementing a knowledge base or FAQ can seem like a costly, complex and daunting task. Unwired Logic is here to help you. Our experienced and bi-lingual consultants can help you determine an impactful customer support process. The goal is to save time and money while providing a top-notch customer support experience. We will provide training for your agents, configure your system and be with you every step of the way.