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Communication is a building block of your relationship with your customer. Unfortunately, many customers feel dissatisfied with their experience of talking to businesses.

Instead of navigating through pages upon pages of FAQs to find a well-concealed contact us page, they prefer to interact with customer support directly.

More meaningful communication with your customers

Having gotten used to interacting with their loved ones through SNS, customers often expect a similar and familiar experience from support.

To answer this need, Zendesk is introducing Messaging: a new 1st party solution for mobile and web, that will combine the best of existing solutions and expand them with new, powerful features. In a nutshell, Zendesk Messaging has all the functionalities of live chat and Sunshine Conversations with built-in automation using Flow Builder.



How does Zendesk Messaging stand out?

Zendesk Messaging includes all features of chat and many more. The integrated chatbot automation feature and the possibility of extending functionality with Sunshine.
Conversations make Zendesk Messaging an all-round solution.
Here is how Messaging compares to the existing offering in detail:

Zendesk Live Chat

A Chat Supported Feature for Mobile and Web

Live Chat, launched in 2014, is a chat support feature for mobile and web. It is available either as a suite or a stand-alone offering.

Live Chat only supports single sessions with simple automation functionality and only basic file attachments. Compared to this, Messaging will be sessionless, giving your customers the experience of a consistent conversation flow, even when a new ticket is opened. This Zendesk Live Chat functionality will make it easier to manage customer requests for the agent by providing context to the chat. Flow Builder allows for advanced automation and will deflect many commonly asked questions to the integrated chatbot.

Messaging also includes a range of rich messaging options, like carousels and actions, so that your agents can engage customers even more.

Social and SNS

Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter

Many companies experience interactions with customers through social media messaging apps such as Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. All Zendesk Messaging functionalities are compatible with these applications.

You can use the integrated bot to deflect inquiries and use the multisession interface and messaging options to have real conversations with your customers in their preferred medium.

Sunshine Conversations

Full Compatibility with Sunshine Add-on

Zendesk Messaging is fully compatible with the add-on Sunshine Conversations. Through use cases, you can build even more advanced messaging options.

It will allow you to integrate partner chatbots or your custom solution. You will be able to engage customers to promote and up-sell proactively. Using group chats, you can communicate with customers and partners and connect people and build value further.

As Zendesk certified partners, our experienced developers at Unwired Logic will help you make the most of this add on. Contact us for details.

Is Zendesk Messaging the right solution for me?


A feature that lets you engage meaningfully with customers

Zendesk Messaging is more potent than social or chats alone. The combination of advanced messaging functions, chatbot integration, and Sunshine Conversations merges three systems’ strengths into one. Zendesk developed it from feedback and data based on numerous interactions with customers. The result is a feature that lets you engage meaningfully with customers and improve your conversion rates while reducing effort for agents and system admins.

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Free up your customer agents from answering repetitive inquiries

Zendesk Messaging is perfectly suited for businesses that are making their first step into automation and AI. The chatbot feature will free up your customer agents from answering repetitive inquiries and let them focus on complex problems. This will lead to a better experience for your customers and higher satisfaction for your agents, resulting in better conversions.

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Automation is set up with simple rules and requires no code

Automation is set up with simple rules and requires no code. Therefore even inexperienced businesses can implement it comfortably into their existing support system. You can create, manage, and change your Zendesk automation rules entirely in Flow Builder. In the intuitive interface, you can build your flow step by step: Each step can be configured with possible messages and answer options to trigger the next one. You can set rules when the chatbot should hand over to the agent. Flow Builder is available to all customers who are subscribed to Messaging through the Admin Center.

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