Most companies are concerned with rising energy costs and the impact that their business has on the environment. However, very few companies understand what changes are needed to improve their energy efficiency, or how to implement these initiatives. A key reason for this oversight is because business and property owners often think their energy expenses are fixed as a sunken operational cost, and not as an investment opportunity.

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Unwired Logic can help you create an energy management program which aggressively focuses on the reduction and control of energy, allowing your company to realize high returns on these investments. The internal rate of return (IRR) on these projects can be sizable – considering the cost of capital the modified internal rate of return (MIRR) can be nearly 30%. Additionally, leveraging rebates and incentives from utility and government programs can accelerate the payback for these projects.  In many cases, after a short payback period the projects will produce positive income that will directly benefit your bottom line.

When you consider the rise in energy costs, increased scrutiny of facility budgets and the abundance of technology choices – sustainable energy is an issue which should be discussed at the highest level of business.

Logical and Proven Approach Ensures Maximum Returns

The Energy Advantage service offered by Unwired Logic allows companies to realize the benefits of energy efficiency with minimal risk and maximize upside.  We have completed nearly 200 energy management projects in over 50 locations, allowing us to practice and polish our implementation methodology.  Our holistic approach has been in use since 2007 and to complement the energy conservation projects we employ proactive monitoring and assurance measures, giving companies the confidence to invest with a predictable rate of return.

Our logical and comprehensive approach to energy management will allow executives to make informed decisions about energy use in their facilities.  This converts sunk energy costs into a tangible competitive advantage, allowing your business to:

  • Control energy usage and cost by leveraging ongoing efficiency program
  • Improve the bottom line by making smart, well-informed energy use decisions
  • Create savings opportunities that fit with your financial criteria (payback, IRR, etc.)
  • Illustrate self-funding investments through reduced energy costs
  • Define a comprehensive roadmap to reach energy and savings objectives
  • Ensure sustainable energy savings by implementing an ongoing monitoring, analysis and reporting regime