Do you know Zendesk?

Zendesk is a revolutionary dedicated customer support software used by over 200,000 organizations worldwide.

It's a perfect solution for any size of business that are looking to improve customer satisfaction and to increase efficiency of customer support tasks. Do you want to grow your business while reducing costs?Zendesk will help your business grow by improving the quality of customer support, not only for your customers, but also for your employees.

Do you have a trouble like this?


Spending a lot of time on tracking the inquiries via emails, phones, etc…

⇒ Zendesk allows your customers to communicate with you in any channel they want and you can manage everything in one location. It even sends notifications to your customers as well as your employees so all communications are under control.


System configuration seems difficult…

⇒ Zendesk products work right out of the box, with powerful features. You will notice the improvement of your business right away. it may take a little bit getting used to, but Unwired Logic will take care of all the detailed settings and customizing. We support you utilize this powerful tool in the best environement as per your needs and wants.


Not sure what to do to improve our customer support…

⇒ In the customer support division, you can listen directly to customer feedback. It’s like a mountain of business opportunities. Zendesk automatically analyzes and graphs all kinds of data, including the contents of frequently asked questions, the time taken by each agent, and customer satisfaction, so you can identify issues and formulate specific measures for improvement.

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in both B2B and B2C businesses. There is a reason why Zendesk is loved by such a lot of companies.

The platform is designed to grow and scale, so it works for companies of any size - from startup to enterprise.

In the self-storage industry, which continues to grow rapidly, it is essential to improve customer satisfaction in order to win the tough competition. Provide the best customer experience and differentiate yourself from your competitors. For more details about the reason why Zendesk is perfect for self-storage industry, check out the Zendesk for Self-Storage page.

Unwired Logic is a Zendesk Certified Solution Provider and Zendesk Certified Implementation Partner and our staff is certified as Zendesk Support Administrator.

We offer comprehensive service to include: right size proposals, solution design and consulting, process and change management, implementation and post-project support.

Please feel free to contact us about anything.

Work smarter … not harder!

The only self-storage specific platform available in Japan

We would like to introduce the software specific for self-storage business “Storeganise”.

There was no self-storage specific platform available in Japan so many self-storage companies had to spend a lot of time and cost to customize the systems.

The Storeganise is a dedicated platform that simplifies the information management such as stores and units necessary for the self-storage business and you can operate seamlessly anytime and anywhere from any device. It also demonstrates its strengths in functions related to practical work, making it easy and speedy for creating users, unit reservation, contract processing, etc.

Check out our Storeganise page and the video to learn more about Storeganise.

In addition, it has powerful features for automating your business such as online move-in, GMO payment gateway integration for automated payment processing, access to the data so you can do reporting and many more. These can be done through Storeganise Operations App.

Come visit our booth on 7 NOV at the RSA event held at Convention Room AP Shimbashi. We will be demonstrating Storeganise and a lot more beneficial information for you.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Aaron Farney

About Us and Our Services

During the course of 2019 we have spent a lot of time talking to many of you about technology needs.  We have even implemented several successful technology projects for some of you.

We have found that most operators in Japan struggle with a few areas such as managing unit inventory, contracts, existing customer queries and payment processing.

Many of the solutions out there don’t fit the japan trunkroom market or are expensive or difficult to implement.  Also dealing with consultants that don’t know the trunkroom market can be frustrating.

Over the past 18 years we have spent working in the trunkroom industry in Japan we have been able to build some of the most successful platforms in the business.  We know the industry better than anyone and have handpicked the best of class products for use in Japan.

In our next newsletters we will go deeper into the products but wanted to give you a sneak peek into the platforms.


If you want to increase customer satisfaction, reduce workload and increase overall business performance a strong technology platform can help you achieve excellent ROI.  Zendesk is a leading CRM platform that can help you manage all your customer communication in a single and easy to use platform.  You can talk to your customers in the manner that they want should it be email, telephone or many other options.

We have some additional detail here: The technology need in self-storage is the building, unit and invoice management component.  We offer a solution for that as well and have integrated it with our Zendesk CRM offering so you can seamless user experience without having to constantly jump from one system to another.

The Storeganise platform is the only self-storage specific platform that is available for enterprise customers in Japan.  It has many powerful features for automating your business such as online move-in, GMO payment gateway integration for automated payment processing, access to the data so you can do reporting and many more.

We have some additional information on our webpage here:

Looking forward to seeing you at the RSA/ SSAA event!

Aaron Farney
Unwired Logic


Greetings from Aaron Farney

Hello everyone,

As many of you already know us I apologize if this is a repeat but I wanted to take a minute to update you on Unwired Logic.

Since our start in Japan about 3 years ago, we have grown steadily.  We are now up to 11 staff and many customers.  With any new business we have tried our hand at a few options - some failures and fortunately many successes.

Over the next several weeks we will be sending out several emails related to our self-storage solutions we have been refining and while it’s never our intention to send you something you don’t want, please feel free to opt out at any time.

We hope you will come visit our booth on 7 NOV at the RSA event held at Convention Room AP Shimbashi.

You can find a bit more information on our trunkroom solutions here on our website.

 Many thanks for you continued interest and support of unwired logic.

Aaron Farney
Unwired Logic

Disaster Recovery Service Offering

We have added disaster recovery and backup solutions to our service offerings. This is a cloud based service that will allow for offsite backup and protection against ransomware and other incidents.


Unwired Logic Corporate Flier

Our Corporate Flier, Now Available for Download

We recently finished the design of a corporate flier to distribute to clients and to hand out at events.  The flier contains information about our core services, as well as details about who we are and our delivery capabilities. You can download the digital version here.

Corporate Flier Page 1.png