The only self-storage specific platform available in Japan

We would like to introduce the software specific for self-storage business “Storeganise”.

There was no self-storage specific platform available in Japan so many self-storage companies had to spend a lot of time and cost to customize the systems.

The Storeganise is a dedicated platform that simplifies the information management such as stores and units necessary for the self-storage business and you can operate seamlessly anytime and anywhere from any device. It also demonstrates its strengths in functions related to practical work, making it easy and speedy for creating users, unit reservation, contract processing, etc.

Check out our Storeganise page and the video to learn more about Storeganise.

In addition, it has powerful features for automating your business such as online move-in, GMO payment gateway integration for automated payment processing, access to the data so you can do reporting and many more. These can be done through Storeganise Operations App.

Come visit our booth on 7 NOV at the RSA event held at Convention Room AP Shimbashi. We will be demonstrating Storeganise and a lot more beneficial information for you.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Aaron Farney