Greetings from Aaron Farney

Hello everyone,

As many of you already know us I apologize if this is a repeat but I wanted to take a minute to update you on Unwired Logic.

Since our start in Japan about 3 years ago, we have grown steadily.  We are now up to 11 staff and many customers.  With any new business we have tried our hand at a few options - some failures and fortunately many successes.

Over the next several weeks we will be sending out several emails related to our self-storage solutions we have been refining and while it’s never our intention to send you something you don’t want, please feel free to opt out at any time.

We hope you will come visit our booth on 7 NOV at the RSA event held at Convention Room AP Shimbashi.

You can find a bit more information on our trunkroom solutions here on our website.

 Many thanks for you continued interest and support of unwired logic.

Aaron Farney
Unwired Logic