Distressed Projects

There are many ways to evaluate whether a project has become distressed or may be in need of rescue.  The reason may not be 100% financial; it could be that the project stakeholders' value the timely completion of a project rather than the adherence to original budgetary targets.  Another potential concern is that your project may not be able to deliver what was requested in terms of quality or specifications.

Path To Recovery

You should contact us the moment you realize your project is in distress.  Unwired Logic will assign an experienced PM who can help you refocus your attention on the project’s original objectives, clarify any uncertainties, and provide a fresh set of solutions and methods to reaching the end goal, which should normally be timely completion within an agreed upon budget and according to a clearly defined level of quality and specifications.  By using our expertise in this area, we can bring your project back on track as quickly as possible, allowing you to recoup profits you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Risk Management

Good risk management and mitigation has always been a core competency for the Unwired Logic Project Management team.   Our reputation for rescuing projects in distress precedes us, and we are frequently called on to assist when the going gets tough. Risk management should be practiced from day one as a proactive methodology.  It is too often added as an afterthought, and put in place as a preventive measure.  For this reason it should be an integral and ongoing element of project management.  We provide risk management and risk mitigation as a basic service to complement our standard offering of professional services.