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Self-Storage Solutions
Unwired Logic uses Zendesk and Storeganise to create fully customizable self-storage solutions, and manage and streamline customer data, communications and inquiries from various channels.

Let us take care of the tech so you can get back to running your business.

Leveraging the latest technology to implement best business practices, Unwired Logic provides innovative technology solutions that enable you to focus on your business without having to worry about setting up IT infrastructure, managing software, or data storage.

Our team has years of experience tackling data migrations, energy management, performance and financial reporting, custom applications, integrations, and customizations – and we want to use that experience to make your life easier. The Unwired Logic team of project managers, programmers, sales and customer support members are dedicated to providing you with the best self-storage software experience.

We invest heavily in recruiting the right people, and implementing the right technology to respond to your business’ needs – both existing, and in the future.

Every business evolves over time.
Can your software keep up?

The self-storage industry is evolving at an astronomical pace, so keeping up just doesn’t cut it. Having technology that improves customer satisfaction is the only way to effectively stay ahead of the game – and that technology needs to be able to continue to grow and evolve.

Unwired Logic’s Self-Storage Solutions grow with your business, and do not require you to undertake costly migrations or time-consuming technology programming updates. Our solutions are fully scalable, and flexible, so they can evolve and flow as your company does.

Digital solutions to analogue problems.

Our goal is to make your business life easier

and more efficient by implementing digital solutions to age old problems, improving efficiency, workflow, and communications.

Unwired Logic has partnered with Zendesk and Storeganise to create fully customizable and scalable self-storage solutions.  Learn more about our partners below.

Zendesk Unwired Logic uses Zendesk, a robust omni-channel customer support platform that manages and streamlines customer data, communications and inquiries from various channels into one centralized communications platform. We tailor Zendesk’s simple and intuitive interface to each company’s specific needs, and can modify and scale it up as the business grows.

As a certified Zendesk Solution Provider and Zendesk Implementation Partner, Unwired Logic offers comprehensive Zendesk implementation and operation services, as well as support services for existing users, and access to a Zendesk certified administrator.

Streamlining operations to make your life easier, Unwired Logic even allows you to purchase the Zendesk license in Japanese Yen. We also develop and provide various custom Zendesk applications upon request.
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Storeganise Unwired Logic uses Storeganise, a powerful software used to streamline and manage self-storage operations. Having worked with a variety of self-storage vendors, we made the decision to partner with Storeganise because of its robust functionality, accurate service and the ever-important ability to scale up as needed as your business grows.

Storeganise takes a modern approach to self-storage with fully automated bookings, technology that enables the computerization of building, unit and invoice management.

Storeganise can automate business processes such as move-in, payment processing, and data reporting, and give more autonomy and options to customers using your business. As a business using the Storeganise software, your customers can process bookings and payments
easily, quickly and safely – all through a secure online platform.

Best of all, friendly technology gives you the power to manage every part of your self-storage business in real time, remotely from any device, any place.

For more details about Unwired Logic’s Storeganise solution and how it can work for you, click here:
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