In the self-storage industry, which continues to grow rapidly, it is essential to improve customer satisfaction in order to win the tough competition. Provide the best customer experience and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Zendesk is simple and easy-to-use customer support tool. By using automation and trigger functions, you can improve efficiency and productivity so the customer support personnel can spend more time on more important tasks, and you can can grow your business without increasing the number of personnel.


✔ Increase Sales - better manage new customer inquiries

✔ Increase Operational Efficiencies by 30% - automate routine customer requests

✔ Decrease time by 20% spend on managing building maintenance requests

Why Zendesk for Self-Storage?

Better customer satisfaction by speedy and high quality support

With Zendesk, you can centrally manage inquiries from all kinds of channels, such as email, contact form, phone, SNS, etc. All customer information and interactions can be confirmed on a single screen, enabling smooth sharing of information among support personnel and other departments, and providing high-quality services regardless of who responds.

You can automate routine tasks by using powerful automation and trigger functions. Also the system will notify you if any action is required so you don’t have to go through every singly inquiry and check the progress. This will prevent omissions and help you you respond all the customer requests in a timely manner.

Grow your business with same workload, less cost!

Zendesk can be used not only as a customer support tool but also as a place for inter-department communication. For example, when you receive a technical inquiry from a customer, you can easily share all information with technical staff and get answers within the same ticket - don’t worry, there is an internal note area you can communicate with your team internally so customers won’t see. Smooth internal communication will lead to stronger cooperation among all departments and overall productivity will improve.

Zendesk also has a great reporting function so you can analyze the contents of inquiries, and apply the results to improve your customer support even more. You can also proactively support your customers by empowering them to self-support. Zendesk Guide software is a smart knowledge base which provides customers 24/7 access to answers and support.

Unwired Logic’s Service for Self-Storage Industry

Our staff has more than 50 years of trunk room industry experience combined and is familiar with industry trends and expert knowledge.

Unwired Logic is a Zendesk Certified Solution Provider and Implementation Partner with many years of experience and multiple projects successfully completed. We have certified Support Administrators and Trainers so if you are already using Zendesk and looking for a better use way, we can provide suggestions and support to meet your wants and needs.

For those of you who are new to Zendesk, we also provide demos and pilot projects to show you all the useful features of Zendesk.

We provide comprehensive service to include: right sized proposals, solution design and consulting, process and change management, implementation and post-project support.

Excellent customer support is the key to success in future self-storage industry.

We speak your self-storage technical language - feel free to contact us about anything!