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Why You Need Omnichannel Sales for your Self-Storage Operations

Omni-channel is this new buzzword. It is a new style of marketing, sales, and after-sales that is changing the way things are done. It is also changing the self-storage industry. Here is everything you need to know to bring your business up to speed in this new game.

Where did it come from

Since the 2000s, marketing and sales have gone through immense changes. The internet and later social media were game-changers. Companies quickly jumped on the new outlets available – this was the era of multi-channel marketing and sales. But the result was often communication in silos. There was the website, e-mail, phone, and Facebook page – but no interconnection; Omni-channel changes this. All communications flow from one single point, and a client can initiate contact through e-mail and follow up through Messenger in an ideal setup. All company-initiated communication follows one united strategy, tone, and goal. This also allows for channels to be used simultaneously. A classic example: liking & commenting on the company’s Facebook page while in line to purchase their products in the store. 

The new decision making

So how does all this matter for self-storage? It matters for the same reason as it matters for any business: It is what customers expect in 2021. Most customers rely on more than one source of information before making a purchase decision. A typical scenario is:  a customer sees a self-storage unit on the street, finds a company through google, visits the website, and then clarifies questions over the phone, to finally make a booking through the app. After that, they might check the blog for tips on moving and packing. Online and offline presence influence each other – according to Google, 40% of online searches convert to buyers after being influenced by an offline channel. In other words, by blending your offline and online channels, you can increase your chances of gaining new customers.  Your customers are already using multiple channels to make a decision. You should engage with them on as many as possible. Your customers have preferred channels, and you have to be there to get their attention, not the other way around. 

How to make omnichannel part of your toolbox

This change in customer preferences makes your job as a self-storage operator more complex; there is no arguing with this. It can sound overwhelming at first. But there is an easy way to analyze, craft, and curate your omnichannel presence. To understand if your channels work together seamlessly, you first need to have a detailed map of all possible communication points with customers. Review your business through a client’s eye. This is your benchmark to start tracking and analyzing interactions. 

Here is an example of how you can get your channels to work together seamlessly. We will start at the website – if it is adaptive, meaning the layout automatically changes for web and mobile users, then in itself is already an omnichannel touchpoint. A critical understanding is that your customers will use different devices to complete various actions. They might search for the information on their smartphone but make the booking over the PC. You don’t need to copy-paste your content everywhere – but the message must be consistent across all devices. Consider how easy it is for the customer to switch between channels during the journey. Can they move from the webpage to the social media page or the contact form effortlessly? 

An important building block of your omnichannel presence that often is overlooked is your staff. Does your front desk staff have access to all the past interactions/ communications with the customer? Are they using this information, or are they asking the same questions again? This is where omnichannel can set you apart from your customers. 

Take away

Omnichannel is all about communicating a consistent message to prospective and existing clients across all channels. Instead of storing information in silos, all communications, e-mail, web, social media, calls, face-to-face flow together to create a more personalized and natural conversation with your client. 

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