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High workloads and repetitive tasks are the leading causes of stress and burnout in the workplace. When team members take time off or resign for those reasons, it puts even more strain on the remaining team to pick up the slack. The situation goes from bad to worse, and a vicious cycle begins.(If you still want to know signs of your HR system needs to be overhaul, visit here) To break through this, companies can rely on a wide range of tools that help automate labor-intensive, repetitive tasks and improve the overall efficiency of HR processes. As a result, employee satisfaction grows. Happy employees are more loyal, more motivated, and perform better. There is also a correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction: Better EX makes better CX! Both together positively impact the bottom line.

 One such solution provider is SweetHawk – a leading app developer for Zendesk. The apps greatly expand the functionalities and customizability of the platform and can be applied to virtually any use case. In this article, we will review how SweetHawk applications can help HR professionals with workforce management to achieve a better employee experience(EX) and satisfaction. We will go over the “Tasks” app and “Approve”. 

Manual task lists and long-winded email chains are no more 

The “Tasks” app is extremely versatile and time-saving. It works for virtually any recurring HR use case – hiring, onboarding, contract renewal, annual performance review, etc. Any process requiring someone to follow a standard list of manual tasks can be automated and optimized. This drastically reduces the potential for human error. But more importantly, it frees up the HR team to focus on all the complex and unique problems that require creative solutions a computer can’t come up with. Your HR team, other employees, and the company will benefit from it. 

The agent starts by creating a template for a specific process and the associated sub-tasks. The saved task list will automatically attach to any recurring ticket that you schedule at a later point in time. You can select tasks from the list, which are mandatory, to prevent human error and accidental closing of the ticket before work is completed. Every time a ticket is created, all sub-tasks will automatically attach to it, and all stakeholders will receive notifications of their open tasks. 

If the process changes, agents can easily make an adjustment to the template or include new tasks as a sub-ticket. Since every task action is logged, it can be reviewed and audited at a later time to ensure transparency and compliance.  

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SweetHawk Tasks app

Approvals should be easy – too often, they are not 

A common complaint among managerial-level staff is the time and effort of administrative tasks. While they are important, if your managers spend more time approving work than leading their teams – the process is broken.  

The ‘Approve’ app is unique in the app library of Zendesk. As the name suggests, it allows you to build single or multi-tiered approval flows. A bonus feature is that approvers do not have to be Zendesk users, saving on license costs. It is enough to add their email, and you can accommodate unlimited approvers. The process will start automatically and will trigger linked workflows based on each approver’s decision. It is possible to assign deputy approvers and include escalation steps if one approval step times out. The system can send out multiple approvals in series, in parallel, or a combination. At each stage, agents can view which approvals are still missing and how many steps are left to complete the process.  

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SweetHawk apps are very seamless, clean, and intuitive to use especially for EX. Their solutions are infinitely customizable and flexible and can apply to almost any use case one can think of. Since SweetHawk works exclusively as a Zendesk app developer, they know the app intimately, and their solutions integrate perfectly. They have flexible billing options. The price includes the entire suite with all apps, present and future.

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