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Excellent Employee Experience (EX) makes Excellent Customer Experience(CX)

Many factors contribute to your customer satisfaction – one of them is Employee experience, EX. Give your support team the tools they need to work effectively. In turn, they’ll be free to focus on helping your customers and leaving a good, lasting impression. Best of all – your new, efficient support will cost less.

Interested in EX, employee experience to make your customer satisfied? Learn more from HERE about how SweetHawk app can upgrade your EX.


The benefits

Why choose us?


New Perspective

Being an agile company, we can look at solutions with fresh eyes and implement a cost-effective right-sized solution


Don’t worry about licensing

Unwired Logic is a certified Reseller and Implementation Partner in the Asia Pacific Region, so we can help you purchase a license.


User training

Hands-on training for your support and admin teams to make the most of their new tools.


Post go-live support

SweetHawk is a tool that is constantly evolving with new features. As your business grows, we can provide suggestions or additional options to make it even more useful.

Need to know case studies? Learn more from HERE  about how Unwired Logic helped FIP group.


We speak your langugae

Our multilingual team members will ensure you don’t get lost in translation.

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tick Set goals
tick Real-time reporting

Is this the right fit?

Here are
some of the features


Accidentally added the wrong Macro to a ticket and have no way of knowing what it changed to? Simply undo it with a click

Follow-ups for closed tickets

Need to get back to a customer on a solved ticket sometime later? Add follow-ups to be created in the future

Zendesk CSAT surveys

Get more insight by conducting deeper-reaching CSAT surveys after a ticket is resolved


Crate down to the minute timers on tickets for just about any time-based use case you can think of

Cream of the crop

Sweethawk is the #1 Zendesk App Partner

More potent workflows

Create workflows as straightforward or elaborate as your process needs. Include automated reminders, notifications, and escalations with a few simple clicks


Are you interested in how SweetHawk can upgrade your EX?

With SweetHawk we can easily modify and scale it up as the business grows — keeping everything running smoothly and costs minimal.

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Discover more of our solutions


Manage your customer base easier with Zendesk

We can easily modify and scale it up as your business evolves — keeping everything running smoothly and costs minimal.

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You all-in-one productivity tool to get on top

We can help you make planning, tracking, and collaborating on your project as easy and simple as never before.

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