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What defines us

Three mantras that
define our working culture


Get to the root of
the problem

We don’t believe in sticking Band-Aid technologies on problems. Our consultants dig deep and find the real cause. The we focus on building a sustainable solution.


Building relationships

We treat your money, as though it was our money. That’s because we are after building a lasting relationship and having meaningful impact; not chasing top dollar.


Get it done

We treat our members like adults and are a collective of doers. Results count and we deliver them.

The team that makes it all happen

mayumi kifuji

Aaron Farney


Our founder, Aaron, brings 25 years of experience in Project Management, Self-storage, and customer support SAAS solutions. His expertise spans IT infrastructure, software development, digital transformation, and process automation. His passion for straightforward, efficient, modern digital solutions to improve customer experience drives our company philosophy.

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Mayumi Kifuji


Since 2016 Mayumi has been in charge of Unwired Logic’s service delivery and customer experience management offerings. She helps clients enhance their customer journey and customer interactions.

With over 20 years of experience in technology as an engineer, developer and business analyst, Mayumi is well equipped with a range of complementary capabilities that she applies to every Unwired Logic project.

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Kyoji Okita


With over 10 years of experience as an operations analyst, Kyoji identifies problems and implements solutions to create more efficient workflow solutions for clients. Kyoji provides analysis and reporting on the full scope of business and project operations; and works with the operations team to ensure the integrity of the data systems and processes through robust analysis.

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Aya Uehara

Aya Uehara


A Senior consultant and language specialist, Aya Uehara is also a technical translator with over 10 years of experience translating from both English to Japanese, and Japanese to English. Before beginning her career as a technical translator, Aya was an English language teacher for 14 years – a skill that no doubt helps when explaining complex procedures in alternate languages.

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Ai Araki

Ai Araki


A business analyst, IT consultant, and expert in the financial industry in Asia – Ai joined us in 2019 to coordinate User Acceptance Testing projects to ensure their success. Her solutions lead to improvements for backend and front-end users. Like all our members, Ai is fully bilingual in English and Japanese and helps us to build bridges between our team and customers.

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Naori Abdul

Sales Executive

Naori comes from a rich background in the hospitality industry and digital marketing. She is the first contact for our new customers. Understanding their needs and providing a creative solution is one of her specialties. She is fluent in Japanese and English and can equally engage with our domestic and overseas customers.

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Yumie Hiranurma

Sales Associate

Yumie is qualified ClickUp sales consultant and hospitality industry expert. She has a strong passion for customer satisfaction and has honed her skills in personalized client support, long-term customer relationship management, and project management. She has 14 years of experience working in hospitality and retail in Japan and Australia and helps us bridge communication barriers between countries and industries. Don’t be surprised if she greets you with “G’day mate, how are ya?”

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Mayumi Kifuji


Since 2016 Mayumi has been in charge of Unwired Logic’s business analysis, energy management and business systems service offerings.
With over 19 years of experience in technology as an engineer, developer and business analyst, Mayumi is well equipped with a range of complementary capabilities that she applies to every Unwired Logic project.

Our manifesto

It serves us proud and reminds us of why we’re doing this.


We treat every project as though we’re using our money



We believe in right-sized solutions


We specialise in working with small and medium-sized businesses on projects to drive change, foster stronger relationships, and achieve better results


Our agile approach and diverse backgrounds mean we can look at things with a fresh new perspective


Your success is our success


Technology is just a tool – its not the solution – we focus on the process and the real problem


We treat our team like adults and have a get-it-done attitude


We want to work with great people and customers where we can have a meaningful impact


We don’t do transactional work – we are here to partner with you for the long term.  We aren’t interested in a small one-off project.


We can’t do everything, but what we do, we do well

We’re always looking for talent

We look for people comfortable in their own skin, adaptive and ambitious (without the ego).
To us, the x-factor is having the courage to lead without being asked to.

This is a company that thrives on mutual trust. We have created an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions with each other. Open communication and a get-it-done mentality is why we’re successful.

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