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How we do it

We combine strategy, technology and empathy to deliver solutions that are built to respond

We call this right-sizing, where we implement agile systems that grow alongside your business needs. Using cost-effective means to what would otherwise be a costly solution.


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Great partnerships lead to great outcomes

We work only with small and medium enterprises because we like the personal touch. A small company ourselves, we get how daunting the competitive landscape can be at times. We’ve been there!

But it is because we get it that we know what solutions to implement. Great results come from partnerships based on trust. We want to build trust; we want to build up you, and, most importantly, we want to build together.


A collaborative journey
built to succeed

The three secrets successful businesses should know

Empathy ….

Walk a mile (or a process) in your customer’s shoes. It’s their experience and expectations that count when it comes to clicking ‘buy’.


Embrace change

The old ways aren’t always the best. Find a change champion in your company, rethink your processes and software, and commit to change.


Listen to your customers

Your customers are a precious source of information. Collect feedback at every interaction, learn from it, and the rest will follow.


Process driven

Our unique process that
gets you back on track

We’re a community of thinkers with a wealth of experience from different industries. We understand your problem and build tailored solutions that work for your business.

For true change and lasting results, we must understand the core of the problem. Only then can we build you a right-sized solution that will remain relevant and flexible.

Our consultants will outline the project deliverables and deadlines and keep you updated on the progress at all times. A bit of planning can go a long way to ensure success.

Once the project is concluded, our team will train your team on the new tool to make sure that you can use it to its full potential

A happy client

Our company wouldn’t exist today if it wasn’t for their ability to provide excellent service, with their deep knowledge on how to build a website that would not only meet our needs, but exceed our customer expectations.”

our approach

Your customers’ needs. Front and centre

Meet your customers where they are and build loyalty faster with omnichannel support

We can help your business connect with customers on their preferred channels. Achieve a level of familiarity and trust with your customers that was impossible before- without extra effort.

Customer needs 1

Streamline your customer experience with automation

‘Efficiency and speed’ is the name of the game in customer support. Our experience shows you can deflect up to 65% of inquiries with the correct automation set-up. Faster resolution times equal happier customers.

Rethink how you talk to your customers – with social messaging services

Your customers connect with others through social messaging services. They want to communicate with you the same way. Our experience clearly shows – the more natural and intimate the conversation, the higher the customer satisfaction.

customers and building loyalty in-one

8 in 10 customers try to solve issues before contacting a customer representative. With our solutions, you can set up an intuitive self-service help center to guide the customers to the solution in minutes, if not seconds.

A reputation built on trust

Advocates for Change

  • Optimize your business
  • Re-think operations
  • Modernize infrastructure
  • Focus of efficiency

Flexible like an Olympic gymnast

  • Agile methodologies
  • Un-complicating the problems
  • Fresh perspectives

Profit makers

  • Right-sized projects
  • Focus on cost-effective processes
  • Budget friendly solutions


  • We walk the talk
  • Our solutions work, because we’ve been successfully growing and scaling our business with them for 20 years
EX SweetHawk Zendesk HRtech

Case study

Rethinking Technology in HR: How Unwired Logic Helped FIP Group Improve Communication and Collaboration

With the new system, FIP Group was able to provide faster, consistent, and high-quality answers and solutions to all incoming inquiries. The number of new tickets dropped by 20% over the previous year because of automated workflows and better visibility of stakeholders. Now 34% of tickets receive a reply within one hour, representing a 200% improvement. The average resolution time is down to 16 hours – a 350% improvement.

Learn more about FIP group


Digital transformation can be overwhelming.
Here are three common questions and their answers to give a little clarity.

  • 1. How do I know I’m getting value for money?

    Our goal is to provide you with practical, scalable, and customised solutions so that you can focus on growing your company. We don’t believe in techno-babble; we don’t believe in selling oversized projects. Our consultants take time to thoroughly analyse your business and your needs before proposing a solution. We want to ensure that your business grows and stays adaptable when the markets change. Oh, and – we treat every project as though we’re using our money.

  • 2. How does your team measure success?

    We don’t do one-off projects. Your continuous success is our success. A project is a financial business risk you can mitigate by bringing in expert support. We have gone through the learning curve so that you don’t have to. Our job doesn’t end with implementing the solution; it ends when we’ve trained your people to use the new tools and processes to maximum effect. We want you to maintain efficiency and focus on growth.

  • 3. How can I be sure you’re the right fit?

    We want to work with great people and customers where we can have a meaningful impact. Trust is very important, so we are here to partner with you for the long term.

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