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“UR” stands for Urban Renaissance and is an abbreviation used for Urban Renaissance Agency properties. The URA was established as an independent institution by the Japanese government 50 years ago. The agency manages over 770,000 homes nationwide, including 450,000 in the Tokyo area. Compared to standard private apartment requirements, UR housing is very flexible. UR homes do not demand key money, agent fees, renewal fees, nor need a guarantor. They are well maintained and reasonably priced, making them ideal for foreigners living in Japan.

The difficulty with UR housing is that it is “first come, first serve.” Furthermore, this requires the client to come in and find available properties. This is where Whitestone services shine, they go to the UR agency to find open properties and then upload them to their online systems for clients to review. Whitestone is mainly focused on its search services and is committed to designing a system that makes it easy for clients to search for new properties. Their primary goal is to provide a positive experience to all clients using their service.

Answering the Whitestone System Requirements

The real estate industry, in general, is still old-fashioned and not very tech-savvy in terms of using IT for customer-facing systems. It’s an industry where the majority of companies still use traditional salespeople approaches to client interactions. Very few companies leverage an online experience for their clients because they lack IT expertise, and the cost and time required to build these systems. Whitestone is one that recognized the need to integrate IT systems, deciding to use Zendesk. Now customers can quickly search for homes and make reservations.

In addition to improving customer satisfaction through a streamlined customer portal, Whitestone wanted to enhance internal systems efficiency. The company had multiple offices, using a variety of tools. This approach was not conducive to quickly sharing information and sometimes duplicating effort. Migrating to Zendesk allowed the company to consolidate to fewer tools. 

Whitestone further appreciated Zendesk’s multilingual and organizational support to handle its various brands and different customer bases. With a user-friendly interface, employee training was easy, allowing users to become productive in a shorter time than before.

Benefits of the Zendesk Implementation

Before the Zendesk implementation, six agents used multiple tools such as Trello, Email, and WhatsApp for internal and external communication. After the implementation, they consolidated almost all contact tools and customer support system into one solution, which successfully reduced the workload and time per task.

With a reduced paperwork load, agents can serve more customers with the same resources. Now with the same number of agents, expect to increase sales by about 20%. They are also improving their response time and reducing the number of “failed to respond” queries by assigning and tracking query assignments. Improving customer support interactions also led to improved customer satisfaction. 

By using Zendesk’s vast reporting capabilities, they can visualize the expansion of their business. Having consolidated the various tools allows the data from all these functions to be available from a single reporting structure. They are now able to make more accurate decisions regarding staffing and business growth strategies.

Future Prospects

In a world where information is freely available and key to success, the old ways of thinking that you can be a gatekeeper of information are doomed to failure. Finding ways to differentiate how you present information or provide value-add to your clients is the key to success. Whitestone understands this and continues to pioneer the introduction of new services to improve customer satisfaction. 

Company website : Whitestone. Co., Ltd.

Address: Shinagawa East One Tower 7F, 2-16-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 JAPAN

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