Our bilingual consultants have a wealth of experience in a broad range of industries. From hotels to data centers, our clients have come from all kinds of backgrounds. We have management projects from software implementation to relocations of entire offices.

Project Management Consulting– What’s that?

Like any consulting service, a PM consultant provides expert advice to a business or team. Typically companies hire project management consultants when they lack experience in managing large or complex projects. The consultant provides impartial, third-party insights and recommendations. Having an expert like this on the project management team reduces the steepness of the learning curve and helps to avoid common pitfalls.

A consultant does not replace the project manager. Instead, they augment the team and support. Some of the standard services that a consultant provides are:

  •       Review of processes and capabilities of the project team
  •       Risk and weakness assessment of the processes and controls
  •       Recommendations for improvements
  •       Implementation support for improvements, new tools, or processes
  •       Reporting support
  •       Change management

Hiring a project management consultant has many benefits for the team and company. He or she can reduce the risk of failure of a project significantly. Our consultants from Unwired Logic bring years of experience in agile and traditional project management methodologies. By using vetted and tested methods of planning, organizing, executing, and governing, the project team can avoid common errors. Moreover, the project becomes more scalable and replicable. Unwired Logic will help streamline the project and provide on-the-job training for team members to meet deadlines and uphold quality standards.

“Unwired Logic was a perfect match for thinking agile, finding cost-efficient solutions and working within an accelerated timeline – which is everything we could ask for.”Khaled Yatim
CEO at NILE (River Chase Ridge Inc.)

“I am happy to recommend and put on record that Unwired Logic has successfully managed multiple projects for us and has proven to be an effective and efficient leader.”
William Achury
CEO at Sanko IB Co., Ltd

We aim to provide you with a practical, cost-effective project management solution that meets your individual business needs: A failed project is a financial business risk that you can avoid by bringing in expert support. We have gone through the learning curve, so you don’t have to. Hiring a project management contractor is an expensive commitment. With a consultant, you retain the flexibility to act and react as your business reality or project changes. Our consultants will accompany you throughout the whole project and provide expert advice and insights at any step, in Japanese and English.

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