Unwired Logic’s Zendesk Solution

We tailor Zendesk Solution’s intuitive and straightforward interface to each company’s specific needs. We can easily modify and scale it up as the business grows — keeping everything running smoothly and costs minimal.

Keep costs down. Keep customer satisfaction up.

The key to any effective business solution is designing it to address current requirements with the flexibility to easily grow to meet future customer needs – Unwired Logic’s Zendesk Solution

All the global features you want – paid for in local currency

Unwired Logic is a certified Zendesk Master Implementation Partner in the Asia Pacific Region, so we can help you purchase a Zendesk license in Japanese yen.

Reduce the anxiety and stress caused by costs fluctuate due to exchange rates (if purchased directly from Zendesk) and allocate 100% of your focus on the business only.

Web forms, emails, telephones, SNS, and so on.

Zendesk’ Omni-channel support allows your customers to make inquiries on any of their favorite channel.

Whether they’re product inquiries, emails or chat boxes, customer communications are hard to manage even with the best of people on the case – and it gets increasingly complicated the more channels you use. Centralized management of multi-channel communications supports your team, and in turn, lets them build stronger relationships with your customers.

As an Authorized Zendesk Solution Provider and Master Implementation Partner, Unwired Logic customizes robust Zendesk functionality to your unique needs. Our solutions can improve operations, reduce employee workloads and labor costs, improve customer satisfaction, and more.

With our Zendesk solution, you can improve business operations, reduce employees’ workload and labor costs while improving customer satisfaction at every turn.

Tried and Trusted

Used by over 2000 companies in Japan alone – and more than 160,000 worldwide – Zendesk has proven its robust nature across industries and adaptability across continents.




Customer Satisfaction


Unique automated functions

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Provide the best customer experience and differentiate yourself from your competitors with the Unwired Logic Zendesk solution.

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Zendesk Support: Centralize Customer Relations

Customer relationships are crucial to any successful business. How your team accesses those customer inquiries directly impacts their ability to respond to a situation effectively. Zendesk’s robust integration & functionality allow customer conversations to flow seamlessly across channels.

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Live Chat and Messaging

Some customers are just in a hurry and need quick access to a real person. With Zendesk Messaging and Message, you can proactively engage customers—in real-time and in context.

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Personal Support: Call Center Software

For complex problems, i.e., placing a complicated order or re-booking a flight, customers often call to get more personalized support. Zendesk Talk and Talk Partner Edition make it easy and efficient for agents to help customers over the phone as part of a seamless omnichannel support experience.

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Zendesk Guide: Powerful Self-Service Functions

The Zendesk Guide is a place for problem-solving and the exchange of solutions with other members of the Zendesk community. With Zendesk Guide, your company can scale and deflect tickets using smart self-service, including AI-powered tools like Answer Bot, to increase customer and agent satisfaction while also reducing support costs.

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Smart Self-Service (Answer Bot)

It’s easy to build a knowledge base so that customers can resolve support issues themselves — and most prefer to do just that. It’s great for businesses too. With Zendesk Guide, you can reduce support costs while increasing customer and agent satisfaction with smart self-service, including  AI-powered tools like Answer Bot

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Automated Functions: Autopilot Your Business

By using Zendesk automation and trigger functions, you can improve efficiency and productivity. Unload tasks from the shoulders of your company’s customer support personnel. This also allows for growth in the volume of inquiries that can be accommodated — without increasing headcount.