Automate your Customer Care with Zendesk Answer Bot

Answer Bot lets you have meaningful interactions with your customers: Increase conversions by combining an AI-powered Answer Bot with your customer success representatives. Included with all Zendesk Suite plans and available as an add-on for Zendesk Support + Guide users. 


Why Answer Bot?

Answer Bot is your first line of defense to deflect repetitive and common questions. Users report a 10% increase in self-service resolution rates. You can start to configure and use Answer Bot once you have the recommended minimum of 10 support articles covering frequently asked questions. 

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No channel left unattended

You can add Answer Bot on various communications channels – chat, messaging, Slack, email, web forms and many more. Reduce wait times and support more customers with higher satisfaction rates.


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Give your agents a hand

Answer Bot is not only a great tool to improve customer satisfaction. It makes work easier for your agents.

Repetitive work no more 
Answer Bot can free up agents by collecting customer information (name, email, problem category, etc.) and deflect common questions.

Gap in tickets no more
Answer Bot can populate important fields in your support tickets by pulling information from the customer database.

Lack of context no more
Agents have access to the whole customer conversation transcript with Answer Bot. When an agent takes over, they can get up to speed immediately.

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No guessing about performance

Evaluate how Answer Bot impacts your customer communication with a few simple configurations. Create separate views to see how your clients interact with Answer Bot and assess how well it is working for you.


Let us help you

Unwired Logic can assist you with the initial setup and integration. Our team can also provide end-to-end implementation services: We will initialize the bot, setup the most common inquiries, analyze the incoming data, and further train your Zendesk Answer Bot as needed.