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4 Kinds of Companies That Should Use Zendesk

No matter your industry, you are probably looking for ways to improve your customer service. Especially if your industry handles emails, tickets, calls, etc., you probably feel the pressure to reduce the load on your staff but provide maximum support to your clients.

Zendesk is one of the most powerful (and most affordable) customer service software tools on the market today. 
What does Zendesk do? From managing an online chat feature, to accumulating CSAT scores; from automated ticket sharing, to managing multiple brands—Zendesk does it all, even seamlessly integrating with your existing CRM.

Whatever your industry, Zendesk has solutions that will work for you, improve your response times, and do what you do best: make your customers happy. Let’s look at four industries that have had success with Zendesk implementation, and see What is Zendesk used for around the world.



Contact centers love how easy it is to manage multiple inquiry methods at once—from emails to chat windows to calls, Zendesk consolidates everything to make your call center employees more efficient and their supervisors more informed. 

Zendesk for call centers

One call center in the United States, American Support, was struggling to keep up with their tickets in several small offices across the country. They implemented Zendesk to make it easy for any representative to pull any open ticket and lessen the number of open/unresolved emails. 
It also made it easier for the president and the leadership team to be aware of customer issues before they escalated into major problems, and to resolve things more quickly. 


Software companies that use Zendesk need to process a lot of tickets in a short amount of time. And they need to adapt quickly to ever-changing products and customer needs. 
Zendesk allows for the implementation of workflows and lets customer service representatives get to tickets faster and more efficiently.

Even major software companies like Slack have gotten in on the Zendesk trend. Early on, before Slack was even rolled out to the public, they chose Zendesk as their customer service platform because they knew it had the flexibility to grow and adapt with their ever-adapting company. 

Slack Zendesk integration

Today, their 175 support members process 25,000 tickets a month, and their average response time is only 1 hour. 
If you already use Slack, you might also be interested in the Slack/Zendesk integration feature.

Another software company that has had success with Zendesk is Medidata. Medidata is a biotechnology company that badly needed to overhaul their former customer service protocols. Poor response times and complicated workflows made things harder for their customers and didn’t allow their employees the power to resolve issues all the way to the end. 
By implementing Zendesk’s suite of products, they were able to establish easy workflows, make the customer experience flow smoothly, and give their representatives the power they needed to resolve issues without delay. 


From grocery stores to clothing companies, Zendesk clients include retailers across the globe who have become more customer-centric with each ticket. 
With their ability to support tickets in dozens of languages, and their trend-tracking features, Zendesk provides companies with everything they need to give their customers a great experience.

Grocery store giant Tesco operates in 9 countries on at least 4 different continents. In 2015, they realized they needed to streamline their ticket resolution process in order to better serve their customers AND make life easier for their employees. 
Today, with Zendesk, they process 40,000+ tickets per week, and 79% of them are resolved in the first response. 

grocery store

Australian grocery store chain Harris Farm Markets implemented Zendesk because they loved how it enabled them to make their entire business more customer-focused. 
But being able to track trends and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), they were able to adapt to what their customers wanted from a macro level down to a micro level.

Fossil Group owns and manages 14+ brands of clothing, and they rely on Zendesk to help them process 5,000 requests/contacts per week through email, chat, and web or mobile inquiries.
With Zendesk, they didn’t have to develop a system from scratch; they took Zendesk’s existing offerings and implemented them easily across the board. They now offer support in 21 languages, thanks to Zendesk’s robust language programming.


Hotels and cruise lines alike love Zendesk because it allows them to coordinate and communicate with customers, both internally and externally. It also tracks CSAT scores, so they have a pulse on how they’re doing at any time.

With 150+ hotels in 25 countries, Minor Hotels was able to adapt to meet the needs of their customers AND streamline internal work requests from employees thanks to Zendesk implementation. 
They divided into tiers and increased their customer satisfaction scores to 97%—which was of utmost importance to them as a luxury hotel brand. 

Before 2013, the customer service team at Tourico Holidays was answering 4,000 emails a month. With Zendesk, they were able to streamline that to 600-800 tickets per month and reallocate the resources of 70% of their customer response team to other initiatives and departments. And their average resolution time went from over 84 hours to less than 20.


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