Project Rescue

We offer assistance on projects which are in trouble due to financial overruns, scope creep, or under aggressive timeline completion requirements.  We can help get your project back on track with proven evaluation and recovery methodologies, including assisting stakeholders in understanding why a project may be in trouble. 

Traditional Waterfall Method of Project Management

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The Waterfall Method of Project Management utilizes a linear approach with clearly defined phases and dependencies. We offer traditional waterfall type project management for all types of technology and infrastructure projects.  This approach is the easiest for customers to comprehend and commit to, and provides dependable results.

Agile / Scrum Method of Project Management

This method provides a flexible framework to manage complex projects that are not well defined.  This is also known as a time and materials management approach and is often utilized for software development or for the implementation of business systems.  We offer the Agile method to clients who need a faster approach to get their systems up and running.

Project Management Office

We can help you to set up a management framework to allow for better control and visibility for your projects, including the processes and templates needed to create and maintain consistently high standards across the board.   This structure will ensure that well defined processes are followed, and that approvals are received before major decisions are made on a project.