What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a omni channel customer support platform that manages inquiries from all communication channels such as phone calls, e-mails, SNS, etc. on a single screen as a ticket. The customer support platform can fit any business type and scales up as needed.

Its beautifully simple and intuitive interface makes solving issues a breeze and allows you to improve your business.

It’s an omni-channel customer service product that covers all needs such as ticket management, FAQ, chat, telephone, CRM, reports, etc. It is a sophisticated and simple easy-to-use system that helps you track and prioritize inquiries and quickly resolve problems.


Why Zendesk?

✔ Increase customer satisfaction

✔ Reduce agents’ burden

✔ Reduce labor costs

✔ Manage all customer data and communication in one location

✔ Improve business efficiency

✔ Tailor-made for every company

Zendesk Features & Functions

✔ Simple ticketing system for new and existing customers

✔ Automation and trigger functions to automate routine tasks

✔ Real time chat

✔ Automatic chat reply and chat-bot

✔ Smart knowledge base for 24/7 self-support

✔ Powerful reporting functions

✔ Cloud-based platform that can grow with your business

✔ Multi-brand management

✔ Apps and integrations available

Unwired Logic’s Zendesk Implementation and Operation Service

Are you looking for a solution for improving your business efficiency, reducing employees’ workload, reducing labor costs, or increasing customer satisfaction?

Unwired Logic offers comprehensive service to include: right size proposals, solution design and consulting, process and change management, implementation and post-project support. We are a Zendesk Certified Solution Provider and Zendesk Certified Implementation Partner and we experienced one of the largest Zendesk implementation case study.

We also have a staff with Zendesk Certified Support Administrator, so if you are already using Zendesk and looking for a better use way, we can provide suggestions and support to meet your wants and needs.

For those who don’t know or have no experience in Zendesk, we also provide demos and pilot projects to show you all the useful features of Zendesk.

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Please feel free to contact us about anything.

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